The 3rd Annual Ridley Creek State Park BBQ and Picnic

What started out as an idea back in 2008 amongst myself and some friends, has slowly turned into a substantial, must attend date on the summer calendar of events. We tossed around the idea to throw a meet at a local state park on a nice Sunday, where all us locals and friends of friends can attend, show off the cars and BBQ. I decided to throw the meet up on, and make an attendance list to help generate interest and also posted up a supply list with this idea: everyone that says they will be in attendance choose a few items from the supply list to bring and we would BBQ for everyone and provide drinks. We encouraged everybody to spread the word on their car forums that they frequent daily, and had no prejudice to what types of cars could or should attend. We as enthusiasts love everything that has an engine and produces power, be it a 70 Nova SS, tubbed and running 10.5″ ET Streets on the rear, or even the more common for our age group, the honda civic with a clean NA engine, with an aggressive set of wheels and a clean exterior. This just goes hand in hand with our individual personalities here at FF. We all are great, down to earth people, that enjoy the lifestyle and have made numerous friends, and contacts by being apart of it.

So with that said the meet was planned and held at Ridley Creek and was a success. There were around 60 cars that turned out, tons of people, families, you name it they came. We played baseball while everyone grilled, and even an hour of heavy rain mid way through did not cancel the meet..rather made it that more interesting. Having thrown 1 big meet, I always had visions in my mind of what I wanted it to be down the line. So when 2009 started off I knew we needed a raffle and some giveaways to further help the progression of the meet. With that said, we contacted many vendors and did what we could, and ended up throwing the 2nd Annual Meet on Memorial Day Weekend 2009, and had a whopping 100 cars and many prizes to give away in our raffle! That was the biggest meet to date for this series, when unfortunately personal priorities took over for most of our event planners and we skipped the meet for 2010.

They always say you never appreciate something until it’s gone, and that is exactly what happened once the 2011 season kicked off. After the 2nd straight brutal North East Winter, people were itching and mumbling about getting the meet together. So I embarked on the journey again, organized the STAFF members, contacted vendors and got to work. We knew the attendance would take a slight hit this yr, being that people made prior plans and the fact that the weekend we chose already had a few major race events on tap.

So finally June 26 arrives, and the meet is underway. We had 3 big vendors step up with sponsoring our raffle of which we gave away: 2 $25 gift certificates, 1 oil catch can, 5 wiggy’s shifties, and plenty of stickers! Everyone had a blast and the final car count was around 70 cars. Not to shabby with a year off in between! All in all everyone had a great time, the weather cooperated and gave us a beautiful 80 degree summer day, and everyone behaved and followed our rules and kept it organized and fun. The STAFF Members all did a fantastic job in the planning and preparations and making this meet what it was!

Plans are already in the works for next year’s event, and we are tossing around ideas of making it even bigger with a beefed up raffle giveaway, more goodies, more food, more soda and even sicker rides! I am saying this now on record that I expect 120 cars or more at the 2012 event! Will you be apart of this and help us reach our goal?

Check out the coverage of the meet below and for any questions regarding the meet or photos please feel free to contact me.

Yours trully


JDM Lude

Mike's Mopar

Dante and Katie



The Lucky Raffle Winners

Gather Around

Starting the Raffle

Beautiful Fiancee

Raffle Ticket

J. Ralli & Mikey

The Crew

Light Bar

Niko's Ride

Kate's 8th Gen Civic




J. Ralli and man's best Friend


Rowdy Z06

MystiChrome SVT


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