JDM Justin: He is so JDM his blood type … is Type R.

1. You have been pretty busy lately. Tell me what kind of projects you have been working on for the Prelude?

I have been busy working the Prelude for a few shows this summer and fall and also plan on going to a lot of car meets as well. As of projects I plan on redoing my headliner and rear deck with some red fabric from the ITR.

2. What has been your favorite modification to your Prelude thus far?

Hmm I would have to say my red ep3 Recaro seats since they are so comfy and match my car so well! Also, I would have to add my mugen twin loop exhaust because it’s the best sounding exhaust I have heard on a Prelude.

3. Congratulations of making it to Prelude Power’s calender. Can I expect to see the Prelude in any other media?

Thank you and yes I was just recently asked to be in Honda Tuning magazine and had a photo shoot about a month ago so keep your eyes peeled for my Prelude.

4. Tell us about more about Team BB6.

Team BB6 is a little car club I put together of me my friend V and Josh. We are really close friends and do almost everything together and all have 5th gen Preludes.

5. What makes your prelude so unique?

My car is unique because of the “change”. I always have something new.

6. How long have you owned your Prelude?

It will be 6 years this december.

7. Any future plans for the Prelude?

I really hope to do a rhd conversion in the near future.






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