FF at the 2012 Philadelphia Auto Show

The Function Factory Team took a trip to the 2012 Philadelphia Auto Show to check out the new lineup of vehicles from automakers around the globe. There was an increased focus on hybrid and electric vehicles which was to be expected, as well as a Toyota hybrid driving event; an interesting addition to this years auto show.

Some new additions to this years lineup from various manufacturers made for a fun show, although lots of vehicles were the same body style as 2011 with minor tweaks.

Check out these pictures and look out for a video of the show. Needless to say, we had a few drinks before (and during) which made the show that much more fun 🙂

Auto Show 2012 013

Auto Show 2012 016

Auto Show 2012 020

Auto Show 2012 017

Auto Show 2012 031

Auto Show 2012 032

Auto Show 2012 038

Auto Show 2012 039

Auto Show 2012 041

Auto Show 2012 048

Auto Show 2012 052

Auto Show 2012 053

Auto Show 2012 054

Auto Show 2012 061

Auto Show 2012 073

Auto Show 2012 078

Auto Show 2012 086

Auto Show 2012 101

Auto Show 2012 113

Auto Show 2012 119

Auto Show 2012 132

Auto Show 2012 147

Auto Show 2012 158

Auto Show 2012 157

Auto Show 2012 171

Auto Show 2012 190

Bet you can’t guess who’s car this is…

Auto Show 2012 208

Auto Show 2012 210


About functionfactory

Function Factory is a collective of automotive enthusiasts, blogging and discussing cars and it's subculture. We write, photograph and make short films. Our network is ever expanding and we hope to entertain and inform our audience through our mutual interest and personal style. Join our network on FaceBook/Youtube, and experience what we experience. Follow us on YouTube @ FunctionFactoryUSA
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4 Responses to FF at the 2012 Philadelphia Auto Show

  1. What are your thoughts on the “focus on hybrid and electric vehicles”? On one side I think it is amazing that technology and machinery are so advanced and intergrated that now there is an influx(and large interest) of both the fusion of Earth-friendly AND luxurious, but then I feel like the true grit of ALL MACHINE(with gas and oil and grease and all those terrible things in the world) is part of owning A CAR and the wonderful machine it is.

    Also, the Fiskar Karma… Can I truly accept a super car that needs to be plugged in… like my iPod? Hmm…

    Thanks for a great post and pics! I’ll be at the NY Auto Show. Will you guys be there? Maybe I’ll see you guys there!


    • The technology of hybrid and electric vehicles is simply amazing, and we can’t say enough about preserving the earth’s natural resources. In terms of fuel economy and horsepower, the automotive industry has come a long way in the past decade or two.

      Yet, there is something about a gasoline (or diesel) engine that invigorates us. Cranking that engine over and hearing all cylinders fire is just a very satisfying sound and feeling, something that electric vehicles can’t quite match. In our opinion, supercar manufacturers should shy away from electric vehicles. Nothing screams supercar more than a v8/10/12 engine and nothing would kill a supercar more than the whiz of an electric motor. Not to mention the expense of replacing a battery of one of these cars, we think a good ol’ combustion engine is the way to go. For economy sedans and whatnot, we actually encourage the use of hybrid systems and full electric engines because that is what they are meant for… fuel economy.

      With that said, many new cars could benefit from turbochargers. A turbocharged engine with a smaller displacement and/or less cylinders produces much less harmful emissions and just as much horsepower. To keep the automotive spirit alive, turbocharge!

      Unfortunately, we won’t be at the NY Auto Show. We are located in Philadelphia and will be making appearances at many automotive events this season. Keep an eye out for more content!

      • Well, my site is back up and live and I had to refer and write a post about the great response you gave me to my previous comment! And, I also posted about the Scorpion HX!

        (the new) BoostAndBoobs.com

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