Ek civic head gasket and timing belt project

The good ol’ d16 sprung a leak on the headgasket. So myself and Tran decided to tear apart the head with no prior knowledge about a project of this magnitude. And let me tell you… this project carries a lot of magnitude. This is definitely not for the faint of heart as we found out nearly 20 hours into it.

At the moment it is sitting on jackstands with it’s top off. What a slut! I’m waiting on a remanufactored head because the original one is warped. We’ll keep you updated on the progress.


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3 Responses to Ek civic head gasket and timing belt project

  1. jerry says:

    at the dealer i used to swap those heads out in six hours flat. that’s why i still own one. it has to be the easiest car in the modern world to repair. if you redo the valves you can do all the adjustments on the bench. i had a machine shop that would deliver the head adjusted and ready to drop in. i use fel pro teflon gaskets, they’re blue. always use new head bolts. that’s what causes the problem in the first place. clean the block surface carefully with a razor and scotch pads, never sandpaper. vacuum and wipe out the cylinders thoroughly. make sure you clean out the block threads removing all liquid. oil the threads and heads of the new head bolts to insure correct torque. use all new seals and gaskets. reuse nothing. that includes the spark plug tube seals. always never seize exhuast threads or you will be sorry later. the rest are simple nuts and bolts. obtain a good shop manual.

    • Thanks for all the tips Jerry. I have new OEM headbolts and a new OEM headgasket. I was unaware you could do the valve lash adjustments with the head off the car, that will save some hassle. I have a Haynes, Honda service manual, and of course google to help me in this adventure.

      I will resume working on it in 2013 and look forward to having it running again!

    • Hey Jerry,

      I just want to say thank you again for your tips regarding the headgasket installation. I have done it again on another car and was so easy this time! Your helpful tips definitely make sure the job gets done right. Thanks!

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