Ol’ drippy has one less leak

So after much turmoil, anguish, joy, some stress and surprisingly no alcohol, the civic head gasket and timing belt installation is complete.

Scrape the head gasket surface and adjust the valves. Double check everything: turn once brainstorm twice. Wrenching everything down and plugging all the sensors in the was satisfying. However, A sense of fear and denial loomed in the back of my head. I double and triple checked everything. Nothing could go wrong…

Click rump rump rump wahh the car sputtered.
Back to the engine bay, what is it?
Double check everything
Looks good

Wait! The spark plug wires are mixed duh
Plug all the wires in correctly, ‘1342’ it was so simple.
The moment of truth awaits us. Depress the clutch, turn the key…..
She fired up on the first turn.


After a month of having the daily driver out of commission, ol’ drippy is back in business; but with a few less drips.


— Herr




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Function Factory is a collective of automotive enthusiasts, blogging and discussing cars and it's subculture. We write, photograph and make short films. Our network is ever expanding and we hope to entertain and inform our audience through our mutual interest and personal style. Join our network on FaceBook/Youtube, and experience what we experience. Follow us on YouTube @ FunctionFactoryUSA
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