Roll Out to Reach Out Charity Event | Exclusive Coverage

What a day July 11th 2014 was. We had an idea of what we were getting in to: Roll Drag Racing with cars that had a minimum of 500hp. But we were not prepared. It was for a lack of a better phrase absolutely amazing.

Let me explain the scene as we arrived. We were greeted by a very hospitable staff who were nothing short of helpful and friendly. We than parked in a lot that could have been a car show of its own. As we depart our vehicle and head towards the entrance to the track, we can hear the rumble of V8’s, V10’s, and 4 bangers in the distance. All the participants were doing a drive through of the track…. and they happen to drive right by us as we walked in. Not just some of them, but all of the cars: Twin Turbocharged Lamborghini’s, 1000hp GTRs Boosted BMWs, Hopped up Mercedes, Mustangs, Corvettes, and Honda’s with more horsepower than Soichiro ever intended.

Needless to say, that was a promising sign of the day to come. And boy did it turn out to be a great event. Acquiring media passes helped us gain a unique perspective of the racing and provide some amazing videos for our viewers. Car after car battled each other on the mile long straight. It was relentless; 1 minute a Gallardo and GTR are dueling and the next two Supercharged Mustangs areslapping 150MPH down the stretch. The smell of burnt rubber, race fuel, and unfulfilled desires pervaded our nose holes the entire day.

And it was not just the racing that made this event great. It was the staff and the drivers who were accommodating and a pleasure to talk to. We captured 3 unique driver profile videos from the enthused participants. Everyone was very down to the earth and the entire event was very relaxed. Oh and they served donuts in the morning and lunch in the afternoon (Seconds for us).

Some photos to tickle your sensory buds. Keep an eye out for more and also be sure to check out our YouTube Channel for some sweet drag racing.



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Function Factory is a collective of automotive enthusiasts, blogging and discussing cars and it's subculture. We write, photograph and make short films. Our network is ever expanding and we hope to entertain and inform our audience through our mutual interest and personal style. Join our network on FaceBook/Youtube, and experience what we experience. Follow us on YouTube @ FunctionFactoryUSA
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