Aston Martin Rapide – A Beautiful Saloon

Today I was walking on the street and I came across a grey Aston Martin Rapide and I thought to myself… “Wow, now that is a beautiful car”. If you have never seen one in person, on the street, I would highly recommend you scour your local wealthy neighborhood and stalk the nearest Aston Marton Rapide owner until they pull it out of the garage [(I might be joking about the stalking part) I hold no responsibility for your actions].

Powered by a 6 Liter V12 engine producing 470 BHP, it is undeniably audible as it drives by. It can reach a top speed of 188mph and go 0-60 in 5 seconds. All whilst being a comfortable and attention grabbing daily driver.

But seriously, one beautiful saloon sports car. Take a quick peek…..


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